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Hi, I’m Joelle

Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach

Joelle Soto is a Coach/Personal Trainer who has gone through her own fitness journey and accomplished a lot of her personal goals. She is very passionate about helping others not only reach, but exceed their fitness goals as well.

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“Before starting my journey, I felt so hopeless. I have always tried to start the process of weight loss and never knew how to go about it or stay motivated. I looked up online fitness trainers near me and I was lucky to find Joelle! Her website helped me to find the best plan for me. She was so nice and motivating for the start of my journey. I finally felt like I found something that I could actually do and that would actually work for me. At the beginning of my journey, it was so difficult to keep up with the workouts and meal plans, but as I went on and saw results, I got more motivated and kept going. The workouts were tough but the stronger I got, the more I enjoyed working out. She gave me such good options for meals and such a good workout plan. I began to see actual results I have never seen before. I am so happy that I found Joelle and that I found a system that actually gave me the results I wanted for forever!!”​


—  Alexa B.

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